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   all nights of producers and manufacturers wasted. unlimited cloning, bending, reconduction, pitched presentation & brainwashing is strictly recommended. acr 2003-22

20 years alphacut preflyer

20 years alphacut will happen around april 2023, more to be announced close 2 soon...

alphacut is a vinyl record label group transmitting since 2003 from leipzig germoany earth, releasing contemporary jungle, experimental drum&bass, scientific dub and more innocently labeled pieces of sound, featuring worldwide up and coming artists, broken beats, heavy basslines, open minded sounds and a healthy bit of ruff dancefloor attitude.
important principles are pacifism, solidarity and transparency. alphacut works as diy as possible, pushing local and independent structures.

shops & mailorders can order directly and get cool conditions. check our stocklist and get in contact, vinyl swaps, trades, exchanges are appreciated!

digital releases are not available at the moment, but you may request high quality vinyl rips of your need (release / wav or mp3) to digital at alphacut dt org. the files will be transfered along a donation information.

demos are getting heard 100% and receive as much feedback as possible. send safe links and don't forget contact details and information about you.

contact  contact at alphacut dt net

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impressum  alphacut records, axel weber, borsdorfer str. 5, 04318 leipzig, germany. impressum at alphacut dot net, ust-idnr: de309520224

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220304  lion betta get done fi bbq! new 45seven plate is pure fire ...

210912  dive with us into the darker sides of dub with the duke of dub on a brandnew 45seven ...

210420  happy 420 btw and make sure to check new twelves on alphacut by sumone, istari lasterfahrer and more aaand new alpha cutauri as well made by the likes of demegy & lui

200120  45seven returns with some serious cyanz into halftime slowfast acid jungle dub by the chief cyantific offizah ...

180919  much much news from the alphaverse: new alphacut 12inch ep with positive 160 territories, new alpha cutauri 12inch by dyl and another alphacute by inushini with ruffness for harsh preycore times added to the cutalogue

180131  do you remember dubmonger? he back pondi knobs! the abi who co-founded 45seven needs new sound weaponry, help by supporting a sheer shrine of his morphy goodies here...

171107  receiving looong distance transmissions such as a new alpha cutauri by hysee aaand the next alphacut with number 3008, both available on the left row from now on, boom

170413  calling alla di early birdies to witness a very fresh 45seven plate; the 2nd installment of dub across borders magic, this time with two dark 150bpm meditation pieces. check pondi left along them 45sevens...

170122  welcome back mr dubmonger pondi controls, unleashing a little mixing desk study from the vaults, his dub the vine session, heart and comment on his soundcloud, share some love! may all have a peaceful and dubby 2017!

161211  we wish all you early birdies and oldschool html crawlers some nice and easy last days of 2k16 and present the glowworm ep by dissident on aca vii and the bass & breaksfast ep by coleco, phuture-t, hidden element & dissident on acr 3007

161208  all alpha cutauri releases are holding now full audio previews. a new 12inch will be out super soon, get ready for an ep by no other then dissident!

161017  halftime schmoosteps ep aka acr 3006 by dominic ridgway, out of fuel, elemental & material and 45718 by ruz are up here on the left for all ya early birdies

160608  no less then two new 45sevens are in here and available exclusively for all you early birdies before they will be distroed in july & september!

160329  early bird copies of new alphacut & 45seven material is up here on the very left. a 12inch numbered 3005 is featuring 4 definite bits of halfstep & moodwork, while beam uo is back for another sub-heavy 45!

151111  early bird copies of bassmaessage debut vinyl called volume one, holding a wide range of bass music like digital reggae, dub, dubstep, juke, skweee and autonomic something halfstep snailhousy drum&bass, by artists like disrupt of jahtari, beam up of 457, ill_k from acr3002, the duke of juke running suburbantrash, mesak the harmoenia skweee legend and elemental who brought you his brilliant dreamy alpha cutauri last autumn... catch this nice mini lp right here on the left...

150900  number 3003 touchin down including worx by 457 honey phuture-t on a dark trip, odd harmonics aka dub accros borders, lowcut with a minimal 909 piece and newcomer ruz from raw leipzig east

150731  the 2nd 12inch of the third wave is up here, this time with fade, theory, ill_k debuting and act one

150627  a brand-new alphacut by theory, kodama, hidden element & abstract elements, finally hitting off the third wave, plus three new 457s for all the early birdies, exclusively up here! enjoy 45s by sam kdc & the untouchables, lowcut & king fifi here

150626  good things need longer, this mission finally completed: check the ov3r construct10n - the final chapter on archive.org and right here on the top of the middle row

150520  all three ov3r construct10n vinyls may be released, but there are still some remixes to be discovered, stay tuned to alphacut soundcloud for free full length & quality downloads by muted, sub, kjubi, fade & paranoid society... full download package coming soooon!

150327  alphacut 3000 by fade & kodama, the third anniversary chapter of ov3r construct10n is available right here on the left, enjoy the complete remix story soon

150102  happy new year, happy new 457s by beam up & diphasic! just for the early birdies for now, up here!

141126  seatbelts fasted? lets lift off: another alphacutaurian journey mix of 2hours of drum&space and click&bass, enjoy on soundcloud or mixcloud

141114  enjoy the full 2nd alpha cutauri rollout, now that the lxc 12inch is finally available via hardwax! you may also catch them right here on the left.

141004  new 457 plates up here!

140827  alpha cutauri is back at hardwax. soon out in all good stores!

140804  early space birdies go crazy for three new alpha cutauri plates in the orbit! get them right here on the left!

140603  finally: 45seven tee shirts! catch them right here

140512  no less than two new 45seven vinyls are up here exclusively! don't sleep on new dubby weaponry by phuture-t and lowcut right there!

140321  check the latest 457 by theory, on orginal large center hole 7inch vintage vinyl, pondi left column, or try this deep link

140310  alphacut 300 finally up here, exclusively just for a short time! catch the yellow 10" copies right here on the upper left

140309  get ready for a new 45seven by theory, known from the camps of function, translation, soothsayer, 13music, etc etc. for now, you can pre-order the item at redeye here, it will be up here at alphacut.net as soon as the 7"s arrive... this week defo!

131215  karl marx stadt is unpacking presents already! get the very first karl marx stadt 12" as a free download or on vinyl, but there are only a few copies left!

131202  win 3x 12" acr 300 testpressings (lim. 20) by answering "which artist got the most releases on alphacut so far?" via email to acr300tp at alphacut dot org

130821  brandnu 45seven hotness up here exclusively! catch your copies of tread this land versions by dubmonger, lxc & untouchables as well as the new kikg fifi aka flatliners double s side, right now right here

130707  coup d'etat 4x12" lp finally out on counter intelligence including works by cycom, dissident, martsman, macc, alpha omega, bop, despot and many more

130613  alphacut 30 finally reached all good stores! get it at toolbox, suburbantrash, hardwax, redeye, hhv or check discogs for copies ... remember, the 50 yellow copies are available from here exclusively!

130612  ov3r construct10n buttons are here and looking goood! get your badge on on the left order column, down below...

130508  live recordings of the ten years alphacut night now up at mixcloud

130507  new the untouchables digi ep is out on beatport

130504  felix k's new longplayer is out! check "flowers Of destruction" LP on hidden hawaii, get it thru hardwax! berlin peeps don't miss the release set at berghain tonight!

130501  get spacefuck 001 by karl marx stadt & lxc now via bandcamp, 12inch vinyl & all digital formats imaginable

130428  live recordings of the ten years alphacut night now up here in the middle column as 320k mp3 downloads, enjoy!

130415  acr30 up for early bird pre-order right here in the top left

130411  dj booga celebrates: exclusive alphacut tribute mix by one of leipzig's most influental breakbeat, jungle and drum&bass scene daddies ... read the full 10 years feature on german frohfroh

130415   now this was a monster night! danke danke danke thx thx thx to all of you! a big shout to the people that came from faaar cities even to see this show, wow! recordings coming asap! \m/

130326   nothing less than the 30th alphacut vinyl will be cut tonight! preparing audio here... cut is done here

130325   full lineup announced of the alphacut 10 year celebration named ov3r contruct10n, check fakebook event here

130321   dubplate alarm! phuture-t killin it with a 4h selection, including tons of 457 and alphacut forthcomingz... check on mixcloud here or download here can it get any better???

130319   utube vids of 457 no 3 up here and here

130315   catch your copy of toxic scythe 7" now available at toolbox, along other alphacut(e) & 457 backstock

130222   there is a new cutie in town soon! prelisten ace 110 here, a poison green split 7" with berlins meier & erdmann of the moniker eggplant label, releasing a 6min breakcore jazz tune in 2 parts. come along and celebrate on march 1st at atari leipzig, fb event is here

130214   rob of organic did an interview with lxc about alpha cutauri and how it came up, leipzig and the likes, check it here

130209   catch your alpha cutauri copies now at hardwax, redeye, boomkat, clone, deejay and juno. while we are on it, check features about alpha cutauri on frohfroh and everyday junglist

130207   check this huuuuuge alphacut backstock at disc shop zero in tokyo japan! they hold all the 457 niceness too, here. cheers for making this possible, now grab em all fast!
also there is a new mailorder specialist in dub & bass music from bristol called rewind forward, holding a bunch of alphacuts as well as all the 457s

130206   don't miss the alphacute 110 record release night on march 1st at atari leipzig, check the fb event here... meier & erdmann will perform live, plus support by exlepäng's flekk & diputs and our all-time favourite cheesemonster coreknake kiiiiiid kozmoe!

130205   half & halg ep volume two aka alphacut 29 is out now at toolbox, suburbantrash, hardwax, juno, redeye, ... same goes for 457 no3, thanks for support!

130124   the very new sublabel alpha cutauri is here! kickin off with three 12inches by felix k of hidden hawaii & 31records), koto & sub of syncopathic! catch them at hardwax or right here on the left column. along your wait for them vinyl gems, enjoy this journey to alpha cutauri!

130106   457 volume 3 early bird copies are up!

121222   alphacutie coco lowres is taking preorders from dec 27th on the upcoming karlmarxland 7inch vinyl. shipping first batch jan 2nd. all will be revealed soon. check this vid til then!

121212   get your early bird copy of alphacut 029, half & half ep volume two by 9 tails fox, fada, abstract elements and paranoid society, now up here exclusively on the top left!

121205   all the "social web" gets worse and worse everyday... the new soundcloud sucks big time, facebook edgerank is kicking out all the good under-the-radar stuff, and who is reading twitter anyways? time for a proper website here, hope to make that possible in early 2013, keep checkin back til then!

121120   experimental bleepness on pcmsv011 by lxc, parallel, eschaton & ibunshi! available for pre-order soon, audio & info up here

121111   acr 028 exclusively up here on the left! don't miss 200 limited plastics with riddims by the untouchables and dubmonger refixing flatliners

121107   alphacotton 2nd round! check teetoo grafic, hopefully you get it, hehe: choose basic, fabric color, size and print color and send the 4 digit code to teetoo at alphacut dot net including your address and paypal info, deadline is nov 18th, thanks for support in advance!

121102   457 volume 2 is now up here for all the early birdies, thanks for the massive feedback so far! if you like it, support the tunes on 4572 soundcloud set as well

121027   acr 27 out now in all good stores, like toolbox, suburbantrash, juno, redeye, hhv, ...

121025   one more for the digi crew: true dub vol 2 on cx digital incl morphy, flatliners, the untouchables, ... up on beatport

121024 first alpha cutaurian transmissions decoded and revealed by the artists: check this soundcloud sets by koto & sub

121019   be sure to follow dissident on soundcloud! watch out for an ep of him somewhen next year

121018   for all digijungle headz: brilliant ep on eastern promise audio by rumbleton, incl bad remixes by double o & phuture-t, check epa bandcamp

121016   some selfmade hd but underlighted 457 videos up for both morphy & the untouchable's tread this land and flatliners' raw fi dub

121015   black plastics by martman is now complete! altho... martin recently announced that the series will be continued with unreleased as well as brandnew stuff!

121002   the first 457 release is now available at toolbox, buy it here

120928   catch your early bird copy of alphacut 027, now up here exclusively on the top left corner

120925   leipzig: any volunteers who wanna join stencil sprayment of alphacut 027? free copies involved, dinner, etc! the vinyls are being pressed as we spreak, we can start tomorrow or whenever you like! peep out, apprechiated, cheers!

120924   finally up: recording of flatliners's set at recent ease up^ night... mixcloud stream, info including download link. enjoy!

120923   new clip of a collabo with emperor echo of the dubmonger collective, playing melodica on top of some bleepy delay experiments by lxc - check out on soundcloud and spread the word

120918   the last chapter of the high priests - rip voodoo! great remixes, including works by phuture-t, 9 tails fox, genotype and more on souncloud

120911   martsman's black plastics part two is out! not literally on plastic, but banging tunage! support it on his own bandcamp

120904   457 featured on futurepast mag! check fotos of this nice diy fanzine from the uk with an email interview, page one and two

120902   welcome sub from austria to the alphacut and 457 rosters soon, preview his upcoming tunes instantaneous and the big milking and leave some nice blurps for the master himself

120830   aim interview with flatliners outa istanbul for ease up, having him over in leipzig germoney on september 1st, read the full story here

120815   get an idea whats coming up this fall on 457, dubmonger & lxc teaming up for some very special versioning, check soundcloud preview

120803   the untouchables with a digi 4 tracker ep on tribe12, now upon juno dwnld

120802   martsman spoke with knowledge mag about his upoming self-release bandcamp ep series of unsigned d&b bangers, check interview here and part 1 directly there

120801   digital ep on translation, including works by dubmonger, flatliners, the untouchables, theory & roguestate - check!

120730   new digital ep by dubmonger, out now! deep down in dub land, enjoy!

120711   free tune by dubmonger tune on soundcloud, alongside doa feature

120611   don't miss on the new sublabel baby 45seven with its first 7inch, listen & support on soundcloud, get the vinyl right here on the left or at hardwax and hhv and check whats all the fuzz on this dubmonger article

120509   updated urls... soundcloud comes minus "-records" now so it is more easy ot find, also this page runs thru alphacut.net again like in the good old early days :)

120224   new alphacut buttons available! get these beauties in 4 different colors, exclusively up here

120131   hardwax now holds acr 025 and 026, please support this legend of a store

111219   acr 25 and 26 are finally pressed, early bird copies bagged and available tomorrow right here... shipping before xmess in the eu at least!

111207   alphacotton, the first alphacut tee shirt series, is finally about to be shipped! thanks for supporting this weird project. coming up next: 2nd line of shirts for all lateys and a custom 7inch record bag edition, hooray 2012!

111013   new alphacut backstock flyers and order cards arrived & new fluoro stickers for free with every order! looking bling bling like this

110919   prepare for material by parallel, relapse, scale, lowcut, tim reaper, sinistarr, sub, flatliners, morphy, untouchables, 9 tails fox, fada, abstract elements and many more... 2 new sublabels and and and :)

110917   remember lxc's "lock in" released on acr 007 in 2008? now it's finally time to check the video!

110910   bigup fanu for support, rad mix!

110901   fire like dis! check lowcut's latest studiomix on soundcloud

110830   alphacut mix 2011 is ready to blow your ears, check middle coloumn

110818   alphacut 025 promos around town! get these two dark techy steppers by parallel & relapse from the states and scale from germoney by dropping an email to promo at alphacut dot net, including if you'd need vinyl, soundcloud or mp3

110809   acr 024 available now at toolbox and suburban trash

110728   early birdies catch your acr024 copy exclusively - right now right here

110726   don't miss this epic ep on voodoo music including a really magic piece by morphy, but great versatile werks by genotype, ortokore and raiden as well

110724   check this awesome new karl marx stadt video for a very cute halfstep tune of his forthcoming longplayer 2x 12" meisterwerk on sozialistischer plattenbau in september, shot by the man himself between lxc's studio walls

110718   2000 followers on the alphacut soundcloud, thanks a hole lot guys!

110701   all di alphacuties, now pondi cloud!

110622   last call for these beauties - teee orders taken until 30th of june, production on-demand only. sign up for newsletter or hit teee at alphacut dot net

110616   bigups cologne massive! thx for the awesome vibes you dropped! live recordings up now, right here in the middle mix column, stay strong!

110506   the new 7inch alpha cutie is done! get ace 101 right here, an idm electronica excursion named twoo cereal kyllers by nether lands' thee vaporizer and romanian audio artist yvat!

110429   check out the morphy live recording of last weeks very first ease up issue at conne island leipzig! just right here in the middle column'ed mix section. big ups to the man for droppin' such a huge sound!

110421   acr 023 is finally up here for all you bass lovin early birdies! soon at all good stores

110420   ace 101 in the making - new 45ish madness comin' your way! thx for the wicked artwerk to iska at tatuet

110204   alphacut t-shirts will be made this spring! catch a raw preview here. it will be done as long-lasting silk-screen print, and both the basic tee and the printing colours are pretty much of your free choice. various fabrics and shapes are possible, so there will be an option for teh ladies as well, of course! production will be strictly on demand, information and pre-ordering will only be communicated thru the newsletter, so better sign up right now!

110124   don't miss the new bit in the alphacute section, we have ace100 ready to ship. join this next chapter of 7inch electronic trash madness and experience the new style we call the dubber!

110121   some shipment pricing changes inna germoney! europe got a very lil plus of 10 cents, !but! one 12inch shipping to the world is now available for 3,70e! don't hesitate anymore to order your favourite alphacut right now!

110120   acr 022 by abstract elements & hexer is now available up here exclusively! damn close to soon everywhere else. beware of this crazy n tight madness of vinyl!

110109   proudly presenting the video to the bomb by hexer, now up on vimeo and youtube

101219   dutty presents time already? bet ya! be sure to check out morphyology, a free collection of 7 banging tunes by the glasgow dubmeister morphy here

101208   part one of our new mix series called lost dubz is on, grab it here or check it out on our mixcloud. thanks and cheers to the man like sh1!

101116   that twitter move hasn't been really useful to be honest, but whatsoever alphacut is about to settle at mixcloud too, new mixes will be up there soon!

101105   acr 021 by paranoid society & dejaru is out indi streets! catch it right here or soon up on all good stores

101010   yo, acr 020 made it up here! don't sleep on the special collector's bundle right on the left

100918   fiiiinally! monday is acr 010 shipping day! check the wicked discogs entry, woohoo! acr 020 is also in the pipeline, you can already get it at juno, toolbox and suburbantrash!

100730   are you ready for spacefuck by no others then karl marx stadt and lxc? get on receivage!

100830   alphacut tape anyone? non music this time! tape! get me? we have 100 copies of this beauty, who wants some?

081202   don't miss the alphacut label mix 2008: many things happened since the latest in 2006 - way to much to keep you waiting until 2009 with the next one. it took some efforts to shorten it under 2 hours, so have fun getting twisted...

distributions & shops we work with. don't hesitate to send us updates, new stores or dead links. distributions, mailorders and stores - check alphastock.txt and get in touch!

toolbox records  distribution & online shop from france, styles like hardcore, breakcore, d&b
acr 003 004 005 006 007 013 021 022 025 30 300 3000 3001 3002 3003 3004 3005 3006 3007 3008 3009 3010
aca v vi
ace 000 001 010 011 100 101 110
457 1 1v 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 17 18 19 19 20

suburbantrash  distribution & mailorder from germany, experimental electronix and beyond
acr 003 006 008 009 013 018 021 022 025 029 3000 3001 3002 3003 3004 3005 3006 3007 3008 3009 aca vi vii viii ix x
457 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22

unearthed  distribution from uk, beats specialists
acr 3010
aca x
457 21 22

hardwax  deep killer record store in berlin
acr 30
457 12 19 20 21 22

redeye records  online store from uk, styles like drumandbass & dubstep
acr 3001 3003 3004 3005 3006 3007 3008 3009 3010
aca vii viii ix x
ace 111
457 1 1v 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22

juno records  online shop & distribution from uk, electronic styles of a wide range
acr 3006 3010
aca viii ix x
457 2 3 13 14 21 22

discshopzero  shop in tokyo jp
acr 003 004 005 006 007 009 018 020 022 024 025 028 029 30 300 3000 3001 3002 3003 3004
aca i ii iii vi v vi
ace 000 001 010 011 100 101 110
457 1 1v 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 mjazz14rp bssmssg 1

hhv  mailorder & record store run from berlin, holding hiphop breaks and more
acr 024 025 029 300 3000 3002 3003 3004 3005 3007 3008 3009 3010
aca ix x
ace 111
457 1 1v 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 20

sozialistischer plattenladen  mailorder by the spb label from hamburg germany, holding loads of styles like d&b, raggajungle, idm, breakcore & so on
acr 003 004 005 006 007 008 009 018 019 021 022 023 024 025 026 027 029 30 300 3000 3001 3002 3003 3004 3006 3007 3009
aca vii viii ix ace 000 010 011 100 101 110 111
457 5 6 10 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 20
bssmssg 001

minor mailorder  online shop from leipzig germany, styles like noise, breakcore and beyond
acr 003 004 005 006 007 008 009 020 021 022 023 024 025 026 027 029 30 300 3000 3001 3002 3003 3004 3005 3006 3007 3008 3009
aca vii viii ix ace 000 001 010 011 100 101 110 111
457 1 1v 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 mjazz14rp

praxis  online mailorder for noise n breaks run from berlin by christoph fringeli.
acr 005 006 007 008 009

discogs'  shopping option is holding these releases, listed by various sellers from all over the globe:
acr 001 002 003 004 005 006 007 008 009 010 011 012 013 014 015 016 017 018 019 020 021 022 023 024 025 026 027 028 029 30 300 3000 3001 3002 3003 3004 3005 3006 3007 3008 3009
aca i ii iii iv v vi vii viii ix
ace 000 001 010 011 100 101 110 111
457 1 1v 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 mjazz14rp

links  labels

33.99  special single dubplate project from berlin
absys  fresh irish blend of d&b and space sounds
adnoiseam  noise and tuff beats from berlin
ahornfelder  leipzig fieldrecordings & acoustics
aural carnage  berlin's bazooka's real hardcore
bloody fist  newcastle legend in noize & amigacore
bug klinik  defunct idm & breakcore from belgium
certificate 18  uk d&b but deep and kinda legendary
cock rock disco  jason forrest in the berlin woods
commercial suicide  klute d&b but nice name
counter intelligence  netherland's intelligent d&b tip
darkestral   deep deep leftfield by intra mental
deadhomies  raggajungle run by murderbot
death$ucker  breakcore and hardcore by parasite uk
deep soul music  anything more to say? digibeatmusic  free d&b and jungle, good tunes!
dhyana  bernd spring's diy label from augsburg
dross:tik  canada breakcore & idm by c64
evol intent  crazy us rave d&b shizzle
exit  dbridge's minimal d&b empire
foundation x  skitty's hardcore jungle imprint
function  digital's dirty dnb temah fam
highpulse  berlin's dose d doing the ruff d&b biz
hirntrust  noizecore trash 7inches from linz
hula honeys  mashup 7inches from funky zurich
immerse  immersion d&b and dubstep from bristol
inperspective  deep d&b from dub dub dublin
intransigent  bad boys with bad bass from mainz
jahtari  really nice digital dub from leipzig - a must
killing sheep  dark d&b from australia
lux nigra  nice berlin electronics cult imprint
mashit  groovy mashup jungle from boston
metalheadz  living legend of a dnb label
microcosm  cosy minimal but not techno at all
mindtrick  new rotterdam jungle breakcore label
minor  diy noize from leipzig's industrial west
modern urban jazz  arty d&b label by justice
nasdia  freiberg & leipzig d&b, dubstep and beyond
offshore  deep d&b shit from new york by clever
ohm resistance  offshore affiliates, but straighter
peace-off  france breakcore to the bone, classic
phantomnoise  idm & *core by alexdee from leipzig
pineconemoonshine  promising drumfunk imprint
plain  hamburg d&b netlabel, high quality & nice
praxis  harsh noize breaks from christoph fringeli
rebelscum  uk hardcore label by the dj producer
reinforced  uk jungle d&b legend, all must-have-s
respect family  saint petersburg massssive!
ruff-teck  asskicking d&b from the lands of nether
santorin  smooth & sunny d&b from tuebingen
scientific wax  equinox' drumfunk jungle hq
sharpnel  crazy japan hardcore rave label
soothsayer  dark us d&b label rocking the shit
sozialistischer plattenbau  funky hamburg diy stuff
stoopid plastics  inner city fear outa connewitz
suburban trash  works by noize creator from dresden
subtle audio  yeah - subtle fits... deep uk d&b
terminal dusk  us breakcore & experimental disco
thermal  important us d&b for a long time
trash tapes  defunct east-german diy tape label
warm communications  deep atmo d&b from texas
wrong  mashups and fakecore by uk's shitmat
zod  nice experimental idm electronica

links artists

2/5 bz  turkish arty diy idm noize trash traveler
aaron spectre  ragga mashup live-god from berlin
alpha omega  the s/t'ed old man of d&b from dublin
ancronix  fat ravey d&b and hardcore from holland
arrebite  electronic punkrock breakcore from brasil
audiomassive  berlin d&b crew around bad matter
bambam bajasch  cologne breakcore masterminds
barth  retired d&b guy from leipzig who did big beats
baseck  weird breakcore turntableism mindfuck dj
belgradeyard  great electronic acid jazz live combo
belladonnakillz  north american gabba rave breaks
bogdan raczynski  idm & trash tracker genius
bop  awesome minimal & smooth drum & bass
buzz  deep breaky d&b dude from dortmund
cardopusher  french cut up breakcore freakshow
clever  new york d&b chief and offshore boss
current value  bad bad berlin d&b rave science
cycom  the original breakbeat d&b hamburg sound
danny breaks  retro space shaky d&b god from uk
dev/null  us cut up breakcore at its best
digital & spirit  great dark & kinda technoid uk d&b
dissident  awesome russian leftflied d&b
dj brain  a one man army from the baltic states
dj c  boston bounce mashup jungle mastermind
domu  the soul of sonar circle continues
droon  breakcore rave minister from belgium
drop the lime  was breakcore, later grimey, now tech
e.stonji  art-student electronica from peaceful ulm
electric kettle  more nice reduced cut up from france
emotional joystick  great breakcore idm with rhodes
enduser  us' darkness d&b breakcore chief
equinox  drumfunk & choppage from dub dub dublin
evol intent  fat rave d&b boygroup from usa
exile  craziest idm breakcore liveact available
fanu  nice dark deep drumfunk from finland
fff  belgish breakcore rave with oldschool flavor
floorclearer  krank stuff between hard- & raggacore
fracture & neptune  drumfunk from london
frederik schikowski  diy electronic nerd from berlin
funkstoerung  nice bubbling experitronics
geroyche  karl marx stadt breakcore idm massive
hey o hansen  awesome berlin based dub combo
hi-lar  arty experimental d&b breakz from karlsruhe
iaka  one of the plainaudio dudes from hamburg
ibunshi  great experimental dude from down under
icr  deep and tight d&b shit from hungary
ijo  underestimated idm producer from lithuania
indidjinous  raw experimental oversea stuff
istari lasterfahrer  groovy raggajungle diy trash
jakin boaz  wkd electronica nihilisippy from leipzig
karl marx stadt  opera breakcore chief sucker
kids return  fat noizy breakcore from france
kovert  great critical drum&noise and dubcore
line47  great idm breakcore liveact from usa
lxc  jungle d&b trash fakecoreknabe from leipzig
macc  london's finest in complex live drumfunk
martsman  detailful leftfield design d&b from berlin
mendeleyev  tight & broken russian d&b newcomer
mfo  the best moving pictures liveact outa connewitz
mimaku spldat  breaknrollcore from friedrichshain
mochipet  well known friendly noizy idm mate
monster zoku onsomb  crazy breakabilly liveshow
murderbot  raggajungle fi live straight outa kansas
nalpas  experimental d&b jungle from paris
mze  leipzig chouchpotatoe with tight d&b & breaks
otto von schirach  noize hero or whatever you want
paradox  drumfunk grandpa rolling and rolling
paranoid society  the new source direct from tallinn
parasite  raggacore speedhall hero from bristol
phono  plague-wizz grafix wiizard and d&b dj too
pole  ~scape chief & electronic dub artist
puppetmastaz  hiphop vs media art from berlin
random bit generator  swizz deathhall break&roll
repetition/distract  wall of noize with cosy beats
retrigger  friendly breakcore bastards from brasil
richard devine  noisy breaky noisebreaks & beyond
sileni  crazy arty farty drum and bass science
sinebag  nice & deep electro acoustics from leipzig
skeeter  great kinky breakcore by boss of aklass
slepcy  is slepcy is slepcy is slepcy! kool pop it is
society suckers  post-reunion hispeed rave kids
somatic responses  nords & moody hardcore-idm
something j  berlin breakcore papa & dubstepper
tech itch  big daddy of loads of block rocking beats
terminal 11  cool cut up idm stuff from arizona
the dj producer  underestimated hardcore hero
thee vaprizer  phantomnoise electronica act
theory  jungle wizzard from the uk
throttler  dark & bad bwoy from athens
ttx  deep and broken electronics from leipzig
venetian snares  breakcore speed-idm don
waldrand  pille, the diy noize lord of the universe
xanopticon  cut up god from the states
x&trick  the man behind bugklinik from belgium

links production, diy & network

ameise  7inch diy pressing plant from hamburg
floss bros  best button connection ever, from leipzig
rand muzik  leipzig based vinyl pressing plant
deviate  leipzig silk-screen workshop
stempel schmidt  high q stamps outa connewitz
stickma  sticker sticker sticker!
drowntown  leipzig's best soundsystem provider

c8  this is where breakcore is at
debug  the financial times for d&b label bosses
discogs  ultimate discography ressource
fakecore  alexdee fake imperator micro universe
future music  some german d&b blabla massive
it's yours  leipzig drum&bass and breakbeat blog
keep it rollin  another d&b board, berlin based
raggacore  berlin bass, ragga & noize
rolldabeats  d&b discography ressource
science hki  promoter & pod blog helsinki
subvert central  important drumfunk community

alphacut records is releasing artist-split vinyl in a direct and clean vibe for both djs and collectors, featuring forward thinking backward lurking tracks, some coloured vinyl, some numbered limited editions, dedicated cuts and locked groove loops with material taken off them tunes.


va: darka mentors ep  acr 3010  2021

black 12" with stamped label in stamped custom die-cut cardboard discosleeve
4 tracks, 20 loops, 9e

a1  sumone  wicked man sound
a2  dan miles  crash!
c1  istari lasterfahrer  echo chamber
c2  ill_k  kuro

discogs record soundcloud reel

acr3009 a phuture never happened ep

catnr acr 3009, sept 2018, black stamped 12" in stamped die-cut cardboard sleeve, 24 loops, 9e

a1  sun people  hidden code
a2  deep808  funky monkeys
c1  paranoid one  sumo spectah
                     c2  phuture-t  made up my mind

 discogs record soundcloud reel

acr3008 slow blasters ep

catnr acr 3008, nov 2017, black stamped 12" in stamped die-cut cardboard sleeve, 19 loops, 9e

a1  the duke of juke  i run shit
a2  ddog  a demon
c1  blind prophet & bukkha  acid ting
                     c2  sun people  in between
                     c3  paranoid one  gimme gimme

 discogs record soundcloud reel

acr3007 bass & breaksfest ep

catnr acr 3007, dec 2016, black stamped 12" in stamped die-cut cardboard sleeve, 20 loops, 9e

a1  coleco  nineteen double x
a2  phuture-t  ruffneck mule
c1  hidden element  thousand k.pl.
                     c2  dissident  the claustrophile

 soundcloud reel

acr3006 halftime schmoosteps ep

catnr acr 3006, oct 2016, black stamped 12" in stamped die-cut cardboard sleeve, 20 loops, 9e

a1  dominic ridgway  hydrocele
a2  out of fuel  wildfire
c1  elemental  step in line
                     c2  material  16 tons dub

 soundcloud reel

acr3005 dubiously contemplated ep

catnr acr 3005, april 2016, black stamped 12" in stamped die-cut cardboard sleeve, 20 loops, 9e

a1  tim reaper  stand upright
a2  lynch kingsley  dubplate request
c1  fade  heart of machine
                     c2  parallel  poison dart

 soundcloud reel

acr3004 snailphonkdubs ep

catnr acr 3004, dec 2015, black stamped 12" in stamped die-cut cardboard sleeve, 18 loops, 9e

a1  elemental  touch wood
a2  martsman  axe why dread
c1  diphasic  eight times
                     c2  lowcut  linndub

 soundcloud reel

acr3003 ditheremedies ep

catnr acr 3003, sept 2015, black stamped 12" in stamped die-cut cardboard sleeve, 18 loops, 9e

a1  phuture-t  nuclear void
a2  odd harmonics  syncopatik
c1  lowcut  composer
                     c2  ruz  prophet of doom & gloom

 soundcloud reel

acr3002 late boomers ep

catnr acr 3002, aug 2015, black stamped 12" in stamped die-cut cardboard sleeve, 17 loops, 9e

a1  fade & original ninja  run it rudie
a2  theory  f the police
c1  ill_k  posuere
                     c2  act one  masonry

 soundcloud reel

acr3001 fundamentals ep

catnr acr 3001, july 2015, black stamped 12" in stamped die-cut cardboard sleeve, 17 loops, 9e

a1  theory  foundation 11
a2  kodama  ritualz
c1  hidden element  reload, replay
                     c2  abstract elements  mindcrusher

foundation 11 courtesy syncopathic recordings, thx

 soundcloud reel

acr3000 ov3r construct10n pt3

catnr acr 3000, apr 2015, lim to 202 black & 51 yellow 10", 10 loops, 12e

a  phuture-t  amazon basin
      fade remix
c  hexer  the bomb  kodama remix

  yellow copies up here exlusively!

acr300 ov3r construct10n pt2

catnr acr 300, mar 2014, lim to 252 black & 51 yellow 10", 8 loops, 10e

a  abstract elements  apathetic vibe
      martsman remix
c  trisector  hollow  phuture-t remix

  only black copies left, sorry...

acr30 ov3r construct10n pt1

catno acr 30, april 2013, lim to 252 black & 51 yellow 10", 10 loops, 10e

a  lowcut  therapist  trisector remix
c  sumone  rhythm machine
      abstract elements remix

  only black copies left, sorry...

acr029 half & half ep volume two

catno acr 029, jan 2013, white 12", lim 200, lakers purple spray-paint logo, 12 locked groove loops, 6e

a1  9 tails fox  g'sus
a2  fada  ecru
c1  abstract elements  paranoise
                     c2  paranoid society  microcosm


acr025 parallel, relapse & scale

catno acr 025, oct 2011, white 12", lim 200, jungle green spray-paint logo, 10 locked groove loops, 8e

a1  parallel & relapse  parasitic osc.
c1  scale  secret sun


acr022 abstract elements & hexer

catno acr 022, jan 2011, white 12", lim 200, deep purple spray-paint logo, 10 locked groove loops, 6e

a1  abstract elem.s  apathetic vibe
c1  hexer  the bomb


acr021 paranoid society & dejaru

catno acr 021, nov 2010, white 12", lim 200, red spray-paint logo, 11 locked groove loops, 6e

a1  paranoid society  white lies
c1  dejaru  blackmask


acr020 cycom & fanu

catno acr 020, sept 2010, clear 12", chrome spray-paint logo, 7 locked groove loops, 8e

a1  cycom  rude bwoy vip
c1  teh fanu remix


acr019 cycom, fanu, cycom & lxc

world exclusive up here, catno acr 020+ 001r, clear 2x12", lim 50, 16e

anniversary bundle with the whole rude bwoy story: original, 2010 vip, reworks by fanu & lxc! 001r is a remastered recut of 001a and 003b

acr018 hexer & kodama

catno acr 018, may 2010, black 12", lim 200, magenta spray-paint logo, 11 locked groove loops, 8e

a1  hexer  back to business
c1  kodama  out of time


acr009 randomer & paranoid society

catno acr 009, 2008, green 12" with various transparency & details, 9 locked groove loops, 8e

a1  randomer  down in the woods
b1  paranoid society  hi resolution


acr008 alphacut 008

catno acr 008, 2008, white 12" with various yellow andor black details, 11 locked groove loops, 8e

a1  line 47  thousand year descent
a2  bop  noosphere
b1  throttler  black highway
                     b2  mendelayev  i'm zombie


acr007 alpha omega, sumone & lxc

catno acr 007, 2008, white 12", lim 777, 3 locked groove loops, 8e

a1  alpha omega  concrete pillows
b1  sumone  rhythm machine
b2  lxc  lock in


acr006 mze, martsman & nalpas

catno acr 006, 2007, white 12", lim 666, 6 locked groove loops, 8e

a1  mze  blut
a2  nalpas  oe part 1
b1  martsman  jump funk
b2  nalpas  oe part 2


ace000 society suckers, mze, cycom & iaka

catno acr 005, 2006, white 12", lim 555, 10 locked groove loops, 8e

a1  society suckers & mze  fight
b1  iaka  noloop
b2  cycom  down the drain


acr004 nalpas, hi-lar, mze & jakin boaz

catno acr 004, 2005, white 12", lim 444, 5 locked groove loops, 8e

a1  nalpas  bad thing
a2  hi-lar  prod 692
b1  mze  waterbwoy
b2  jakin boaz  jaguarundi


acr003 bad matter, cycom & lxc

catno acr 003, 2004, white 12", lim 500, 8 locked groove loops, 8e

a1  bad matter  jazzthing
b1  cycom  rude bwoy  lxc rmx


alpha cutauri is a concept sublabel for everything space related, for minimalistic razor sharp beats, experimental droney deepness, various tempi and open minds:


raumwerk ep   demegy & lui

catno aca x, out may 2021
dark gold marbled 12" with gold spot color labels in stenciled unique gold spray-paint discosleeve,
4 tracks, 10e

ai  demegy & lui  klaustrophon
aii  demegy & lui  stolpergeist
aai  demegy & lui  flächenromantik
aaii  demegy & lui  synthoskop

discogs record soundcloud reel

acaix dyl  infinite dylays ep

catno aca ix, sept 2018, dark pink marbled 12", stamped labels, 9e

ai  dyl  we
aii  dyl  ioana
aiii  dyl  space program
aai  dyl  mechanism
                     aaii  dyl  undefined
                     aaiii  dyl  alpha

 soundcloud reel

acaviii hysee  solstice boundaries ep

catno aca viii, nov 2017, smokey marbled 12", stamped labels, 9e

ai  hysee  cold waters
aii  hysee  eukarya
aiii  hysee  silver lichens
aai  hysee  fujiwara
                     aaii  hysee  interlude
                     aaiii  hysee  icosahedron
                     aaiv  hysee  pressure flip

 soundcloud reel

acavii dissident  glowworm ep

catno aca vii, dec 2016, dark blue & red marbled 12", stamped labels, 9e

ai  dissident  flowhunt
aii  dissident  soteria
aai  dissident  thelema
aaii  dissident  bricolage
                     aaiii  dissident  thru the eyes of ice

 soundcloud reel

acavi lxc

catno aca vi, nov 2014, dark orange marbled 12", chrome printed labels, 9e

a1  lxc  eleven eleven
aa1  lxc  vril yo
aa2  lxc  ether way

 discogs record eleven eleven preview on soundcloud vril yo preview on soundcloud ether way preview on soundcloud

alphacute does split releases with affiliated diy labels. run to offer a view on the background scene beyond the usual d&b bizness, it is dealing with experimental electronics of all kinds imaginable and unpronounceable:


organisierte ruhestoerung   inushini

catnr ace 111, out september 2018,
black 7" with unique spray-painted and hand-signed labels in folded poster inlay cover,
split with minor, ohm52, phantomnoise & scrotum,
4 tracks, lim 300, 6e

i1  inushini  verhetzung der jugend
i2  inushini  psychiatrische gesellschaft
s1  inushini  mausen
s2  inushini  ausmaerzen

discogs record soundcloud reel

ace110 toxic scythe

catno ace 110, march 2013, green 7", silk-screen cover, stamped labels, lim 200, split with moniker eggplant, artwerk by iska kaek, 6e

a1  meier & erdmann  t.s. part 1
m1  meier & erdmann  t.s. part 2


ace101 twoo cereal kyllers

catno ace 101, may 2011, tourqoise 7", 1c cover, stamped labels, lim 200, split with flop beat disk, artwerk by iska kaek of tatuet, 6e

a1  thee vaporizer  misses = conf.
s1  yvat  edgy


ace100 full fat, semi-hard cheese

catno ace 100, dec 2010, blue 7", blue 1c cover, blue stamped labels, lim 200, split with suburbantrash, artwerk by kozmoe, 6e

a1  random bit generator  dubberw.
s1  coco lowres  chococore


ace011 super seekers

catno ace 011, 2008, purple 7", purple 1c cover, purple stamped labels, lim 300, split with hirntrust, artwerk by phono, 6e

a1  karl marx stadt  heart seekers
h1  slepcy  super t


ace010 the whereabouts of 97

catno ace 010, 2007, red 7", red 1c cover, red stamped labels, lim 400, split with cold coffein addict, 6e

a1  drop the lime  bastardu  the end is here mix by karl marx stadt
a2  nalpas  good morning
                     c1  mimaku spldat  ad hoc orac
                     c2  amboss  ausbruch
                     c3  cpuwar  mrrdr drums  b57 remix


ace001 pink ponies versus blue bytes

catno ace 001, 2006, black 7", pink 1c cover, pink stamped labels, lim 500, split with sozialistischer plattenbau, artwerk by hello, 6e

a1  frederik schikowski  mein kleines pony  lords of gabber remix
                     a2  karl marx stadt  blue box refix
                     s1  error23  bytes don't cry
                     s2  lxc  dagegen ii


ace000 three four bit bits / reflect

catno ace 000, 2006, black 7", double layered cover, lim 300, split with minorlabel, artwerk by lxc, 6e

a1  lxxxc  4 lil bits
a2  lxxxc  prick up
a3  lxxxc  crowd complain alert
                     m1  tlic  dying in rooms
                     m2  tlic  research[ed]


45seven is a collaboration imprint specialising in all things on dubwise 7inch - from rootsy jungle to cosmic dub. pressed on authentic vinyl with big holes these releases pack a punch - just like the original 45s that shook sound systems to their foundations in the 70s! join lord lxc and sir dubmonger on their journey thru the sonic realms of dub and beyond:


beam up & bukkha: double trouble

catnr 45723, out march 2022,
black 7" in stamped cardboard discosleeve,
2 tracks, 8e

a  beam up & bukkha  double trouble
aa  bukkha & beam up  one shot

discogs record a on soundcloud aa on soundcloud

45721 the duke of dub

catno 45721, sept 2021, black 7", stamped cardboard discosleeve, 7e

a  the duke of dub  everyting gwan in
aa  the duke of dub  fight dub

 discogs record a on soundcloud aa on soundcloud

45720 lxc - cyanz

catno 45720, jan 2020, cyan-blue 7", cyan and white printed labels & offset printed discosleeves, 7e

a  lxc  cyanz
aa  lxc  how bleep is your dub
            ft emperor echo
 discogs record cyanz on soundcloud hbiyd on soundcloud

45719 dub across borders

catno 45719, april 2017, black 7", retro labels, stamped heavy cardboard sleeve, 6e

a  dub across borders  black lake
aa  dub across borders  lack blake


45718 ruz

catno 45718, oct 2016, black 7", retro labels, stamped heavy cardboard sleeve, 6e

a  ruz  broke dub
aa  ruz  love beyond price


45717 rainforest

catno 45717, sept 2016, black 7", retro labels, stamped heavy cardboard sleeve, 6e

a  rainforest  jungle is our dub
aa  rainforest  dub to jungle


45716 e3   of zamzam

catno 45716, july 2016, black 7", retro labels, stamped heavy cardboard sleeve, 6e

a  e3  higher science
aa  e3  trouble


45715 beam up

catno 45715, march 2016, black 7", retro labels, stamped heavy cardboard sleeve, 6e

a  beam up  gerrup
aa  beam up  vibin


45714 lowcut

catno 45714, oct 2015, black 7", retro labels, stamped heavy cardboard sleeve, 6e

a  lowcut  never get burn
aa  lowcut  seraphe dub


45713 king fifi

catno 45713, sept 2015, black 7", retro labels, stamped heavy cardboard sleeve, 6e

a  king fifi  king riddim
aa  king fifi  100000 chickens


45712 sam kdc & the untouchables

catno 45712, aug 2015, black 7", retro labels, stamped heavy cardboard sleeve, 6e

a  sam kdc & untouchables  alliance
aa  untouchables  suffa ray shun


45711 diphasic

catno 45711, july 2015, black 7", retro labels, stamped heavy cardboard sleeve, 6e

a  diphasic  backbone dub
aa  diphasic  reason


45710 beam up

catno 45710, apr 2015, black 7", retro labels, stamped heavy cardboard sleeve, 6e

a  beam up  frankie
aa  beam up  helden


4579 jahdubtahz

catno 4579, oct 2014, black 7", retro labels, vintage sleeves, 6e

a  jahdubtahz  dub street
aa  jahdubtahz  long lost dub


4578 dub across borders

catno 4578, oct 2014, black 7", retro labels, vintage sleeves, 6e

a  d.a.b.  dub over distance
aa  dub across borders  dub pacifico


4577 lowcut

catno 4577, may 2014, black 7", retro labels, vintage sleeves, 6e

a  lowcut  all day dub
aa  lowcut  3four


4576 phuture-t

catno 4576, may 2014, black 7", retro labels, vintage sleeves, 6e

a  phuture-t  ella in dub
aa  phuture-t  dubber ella


4575 theory

catno 4575, mar 2014, black 7", retro labels, vintage sleeves, 6e

a  theory  i saw you girl
aa  theory & danjah wise  tribulation


4574 king fifi

catno 4574, sept 2013, black 7", retro labels, vintage sleeves, 6e

a  king fifi  oh baby
aa  king fifi  the riddim


4573 lowcut & sub

catno 4573, jan 2013, black 7",
retro labels, vintage sleeves, 6e

a  lowcut  detachment dub
aa  sub  the big milking


4572 flatliners, mr foul & untouchables

catno 4572, nov 2012, black 7", retro labels, vintage sleeves, 6e

a  flatliners & mr foul 
      jah victory
aa  the untouchables  war of kings


4571V dubmonger, lxc & the untouchables

catno 4571v, sept 2013, black 7", retro labels, vintage sleeves, 6e

a  dubmonger & lxc  dread this land
aa  lxc & the untouchables 
      dreader than land


4571 morphy, untouchables & flatliners

catno 4571, june 2012, black 7", retro labels, vintage sleeves, 6e

a  morphy & the untouchables 
      tread this land
aa  flatliners  raw fi dub


affiliated labels & releases releases by alphacut artists, their labels or just simply stuff we dig. some leipzig scene stuff and a bit of merch:

mjazz14 457rp diamond eye remixes

catno mjazz 14, 457repress, nov 2015, black 7" in stamped heavy cardboard sleeve, 6e

a  hunter  dubmonger sonar dub mix
aa  the approach  lxc ziontifix

 hearthis showreel


bassmaessage pres va: volume one

catnr bssmssg 001, out nov 2015,
black 12" in stamped heavy cardboard sleeve
6 tracks, 5 locked groove loops, 9e

a1  disrupt  cutbacks dub
a2  beam up  politrix
a3  ill_k  never stop
a4-8  sine loops 20, 33, 55hz, aeca & 111 to 21hz
aa1  the duke of juke  back off
aa2  mesak & cc  en keksi pentele
aa3  elemental, troy gunner & rowl  the artist

hearthis showreel

ktfvn 02 annuluk - metamorphosis

catno ktfvn 02, feb 2014, marbled 12", 4c sleeve, 13e

a1  gocciolina  wadadda remix
a2  steppe  karl marx stadt  remix
b1  gocciolina  lxc remix
b2  steppe  alex cerb  remix


spacefuck 001 spacefuck

catno spacefuck 001, july 2010, black 12", huge spacefuck embossment cover, 8e

s1  karl marx stadt & lxc  space
f1  karl marx stadt  fuck


spb7019 dubcore volume 8

catno spb 7019, july 2009, black 7", lim 400, freestyle-stencil sprayed & stamped cover, 6e

a1  arrebite feat. diamondog
      gimme my microphone
b1  lxc  microfonn dub


slim300 thetaphi & lxc

catno slim 300, 2004, black 12", 8e
directly from the label's backstock

a1  thetaphi  rainbow stout
b1  lxc  the most important


pp002vd plain productions 002

catno pp02vd, 2002, black 12", 8e
directly from the label's backstock

a1  barth  schizophrenic
b1  barth  cyclotron


buttons buttons

alphacut buttons, badges, pins or whatever they call them. printed on film, so the logo is a shiny metallic one on black background. comes in orange, yellow, light-green and some kinda cosmic blueish, 1e

sticker sticker & flyer

alphacut, bassmaessage, strukturbruch and many more:
free sticker, flyer and more trash with every order!

ordering these items directly at alphacut records is only possible via email for now. get in touch via order at alphacut dot net and include:
full name, address as of street, nr, post code, city, country, payment method (iban transfer or paypal) and the catnrs of the vinyls you want and their respective amounts.

once you've sent the order we'll get in contact within 48h via email including all information.

package & shipping to be added:
germoney: 1-5x 7" 1.83e, 5-10x 7" 3.03e, 11-99x 7" 4.43e, 1x 12" 2.63e, 2-9x 12" 4.53e, 10-49x 12" 5.43e (insured & trackable)
europe: 1-5x 7" 3.83e, 5-10x 7" 7.63e, 11-49x 7" 10.43e, 1x 12" 4.09e, 2-4x 12" 7.64e, 5-9x 12" 9.34e, 10-49x 12" 14.74e (insured & trackable)
worldwide: 1-5x 7" 3.83e, 5-10x 7" 7.63e, 11-22x 7" 16.53e, 1x 12" 4.09e, 2-4x 12" 7.64e, 5-9x 12" 16.74e, ask for more...

if this sounds complicated: indeed it is, but you can trust us to use the cheapest method available of course! if you insist on using paypal, we ask you to take care of the fees, sorry & thanks!

alphacut operates on a non-profit basis. all sales are used to cover the expences, if even possible. audio records can not be taken back once delivered.

also check alphacut and related stuff offered on discogs: find jungle, idm, breakcore and some 2nd hand drum&bass vinyl on the lxc seller profile

check out mixes & sets of alphacut tunes and related sounds. if you're too lazy to listen to all releases on the left seperately, check the alphacut mixes 2008 & 2011. yes, there needs to be a new one soon! have a leech, sit back and drop out:

luis alpha cutauri aca x transmixxion 23 blc1 982 mhz

lui: alpha cutauri x transmixxion 23 blc1 982 mhz

digital, 2021, dj mix and background drones by lui representing their raumwerk ep release, 1h55min

audio  hearthis or mixcloud
misc cover artwerk

tunes by felix k, martsman, dissident, ena, sun people, ill k, owl & clearlight, synth sense, asc, ghost warrior, lyterian, alternate current, icore, jason os, demegy & lui, ...

another journey to alpha cutauri another journey to alpha cutauri

digital, late 2014, 50+ tunes and a few 'lil monsters, 2h16min

audio  hearthis or mixcloud
misc cover artwerk

tunes by elemental, paranoid society, dissident, bop, ill k, ena, lxc, parallel, reza, owl, dominic ridgway, diphasic, martsman, kjubi, myer aka s'apex, andrew age, hysee, tao, geometries, karl marx stadt, dubmonger, ...

alphacut ten years mix ten years of alphacut

digital dj mix by booga, april 2013, 27 tunes and some fx, 1h20min

audio  mixcloud or hearthis
misc cover

tunes by sinistarr, martsman, hexer, lowcut, sub, fanu, bop, felix k, ...

ov3r construct10n sets ov3r construct1on

live recordings of the anniversary alphacut night, celebreating no less then 10 years of the label, april 13th 2013, sets of both floors, thx to all connewizz punx for making this possible... stay stur!

audio  upper floor
paranoid society  mixcl mp3 utube 52m31s 119mb
hexer  mixcl mp3 73m29s 168mb
dubmonger  mixcl mp3 utube 55m35s 127mb
martsman  mixcl mp3 59m42s 136mb
phuture-t  mixcl soundcl mp3 62m35s 143mb
lxc  mixcl soundclpre mp3 utube 116m32s 266mb
jakin boaz  mixcl mp3 82m57s 189mb

audio  lower floor
tlic  mixcl mp3 24m28s 56mb
airdmun  mixcl mp3 42m0s 96mb
yvat  mixcl mp3 76m17s 174mb
error 23  mixcl mp3 33m25s 77mb
istari lasterfahrer  mp3 88m58s 203mb
karl marx stadt  mixcl mp3 62m04s 142mb
0c  mixcl soundcl mp3 49m47s 142mb

misc  flyer  poster

acm 2008 a journey to alpha cutauri

digital, january 2013, 33 tunes and a few analogue birdies, 1h27min, intro speech by coco lowres

audio  hearthis or mixcloud
misc cover artwürg

with tunes by felix k, koto, sub, paranoid society, dissident, parallel, reza, muted, abstract elements, elemental, karl marx stadt, ...

acm 2008 alphacut mix 2011

vinyl studio mix, august 2011, 32 tunes, 1 loop, 76m32s, compiled & mixed by lxc

audio  mp3, soundcloud or mixcloud
misc artwork & playlist

with tunes by morphy, abstract elements, martsman, trisector, phuture-t, cycom, ...

ease up ease up pres morphy live

live recording, april 21st 2011, live set by morphy, further sets of that night tba

morphy live  mp3 or mixcloud

info  ease up^ site

acn 022 alphacut night pres acr 022

live recording, jan 15th 2011, virtual dj set by abstract elements, no further sets recorded, sorry!

abstract elements  mp3 or mixcloud

misc  flyer, poster & pics

lost dubz 2010 lost dubz 2010

studio mix, dec 2010, 28 tunes, 59m18s, compiled by sh1 & lxc, mixed by sh1, artwerk by lxc

audio  mp3 or mixcloud
info  artwork & info txt

welcome to the lost dubz series of alphacut mixes, brought to you by sh1 from leipzig, thanks mate! as we get a hell of an amount of dubz these days, we wanted to share the great vibes we receive. be sure to keep an eye on these great artists, and if you run a label, hit 'em up!

acn 009 alphacut night pres acr 009

live recording, dec 8th 2008, paranoid society's creep on laptop, dj set by sh1

paranoid society mp3
sh1 mp3

misc  pics & flyer

acm 2008 alphacut mix 2008

studio mix, 2008, 31 songs, 6 loops, 110m09s, compiled & mixed by lxc, artwork by nest

audio  mp3 or mixcloud
misc artwork front, back & playlist

done for promoting alphacut 009 record release party, featuring lot of stuff by randomer & paranoid society, but also exclusives, unreleased and even lost thought material by fanu, icr, martsman, dissident, bop and many more

acm 2006 alphacut mix 2006

studio mix, 2006, 23 songs, 52m27s, compiled & mixed by lxc

audio  mp3
misc  cover & playlist

from 80bpm downtempo to d&b, raggajungle and breakcore to high speed gabber rave and back to the dubstep chambers, supporting the sounds of: bad matter, iaka, martsman, hi-lar, mendelayev, nalpas, dis, lxc, mze, society suckers, error23, random bit generator and karl marx stadt

acm 2003 alphacut mix 2003

studio mix, 2003, 20 songs, 59m58s, compiled & mixed by lxc

audio  mp3 dl or hearthis
misc  cover & playlist

from deep relaxed jungle to fat & broken d&b, with stuff from the ones like: barth, source direct, danny breaks, total science, sonar circle, zero tolerance, double j, young ax, alpha omega, lxc and mze

alphacutaurians in detail: their origin, skills, styles, alphacuts, releases and further links.
if you need any alphacutters live in your venue, drop a line to bookin at alphacut org and we'll find a way to provide you with their fine sounds.

sumone sumone

from indianapolis, producing and playing live, various styles from deep drum&bass to wild idm.
sumone did wicked man sound on acr 3010 and rhythm machine on acr 007.
also released on planet mu, sprengstoff, mash, black track, aural carnage, zion's gate, ...
check sc/sum-4

phuture-t phuture-t

from amsterdam, producing & djing jungle, drumfunk, oldskool drum&bass and all kinda open-minded uptempo bass music.
phuture-t did hollow remix for trisector & creep on acr 300, amazon basin on acr 024 and crown ether on acr 023. further, ella in dub and dubber ella on 457 6.
also released on eastern promise, break-fast, uncertified, digibeat, ...
check sc/phuture-t

out of fuel out of fuel  aka trisector & matic

from helsinki. producing and djing moody techno flavoured deep dubby halfsteppers.
out of fuel did wildfire on acr 3006.
also released on lightless, translation, ...
check sc/out-of-fuel

dissident dissident

from st petersburg, live & dj, deep drumfunk, d&b and some awesome dupstep as kontext. released on offshore, counter intell., subtle audio and opposide/respect. check dissident.fromru.com

tim reaper tim reaper

from london, producing and djing, streetwize jungle and drum&bass music.
tim reaper did vega with parallel on acr 026.
also released on dsci4, digibeat, ...
check sc/tim-reaper

parallel parallel

from indianapolis, producing and performing live drumfunky jungle.
parallel did vega with tim reaper on acr 026 and parasitic oscillations with relapse on acr 025.
also released on pinecone moonshine, digibeat...
check sc/nsf-parallel, and sc/parallapse, his collaboration project with relapse

martsman martsman

from berlin, producing & djing experimental but friendly drum&bass, dubstep, bass and contemporary music.
martsman did apathetic vibe remix for abstract elements on acr 300, periphereia on acr 014, the boomer remix for macc on acr 012 and jump funk on acr 006.
also released on med school, offshore, bassbin's breakin, counter intelligence, subtle audio, plainaudio, exegene...
check sc/martsman and martsman.de

lowcut lowcut

from leipzig, producing and djing jungle, drum&bass and dub music. lowcut did therapist on acr 026. further, detachment dub on 457 3, all day dub and 3four on 457 7.
check sc/lowcut-1

kodama kodama

from near mannheim, producing 90ies influenced but also experimental futuristic drum&bass jungle and breakbeats.
kodama did out of time on acr 018 and the bomb remix for hexer on acr 3000.
also released on basswerk, santorin, syncopathic, ...
check sc/acid_lab

abstract elements abstract elements

aka bop & diagram, from saint petersburg, producing & djing experimental drum&bass, minimal microfunk and sometimes leftfieldish neuro drum&bass music.
abstract elements did the rhythm machine remix for sumone on acr 30, paranoise on acr 029 and apathetic vibe on acr 022.
also released on exit, kosmos, microcircuit, respect, ...
check sc/abstractelementz and microfunk.ru

hexer hexer

from leipzig, producing & djing cutting edege drum&bass and oldskool nineties pearls.
hexer did back to business on acr 018 and the bomb on acr 022.
also released on case invaders, hard edged, shake up, krush grooves, groove attack, poets club,...
check sc/dmyer

trisector trisector

from helsinki, producing & djing steppy, techy & filthy drum&bass music.
trisector did therapist remix on acr 30 and hollow together with creep of paranoid society on acr 019.
also released on med school, nerve, covert operations, empathy, ...
check sc/trisector and sciencehki.net

paranoid society paranoid society

aka creep & 0c from tallinn, producing & playing experimental deep & schizophrenic drum&bass and hiphop beatz.
paranoid society did microcosm on acr 029, white lies on acr 021, hollow with trisector on acr 019, swimming in the booze on acr 16, crp thm on acr 014 and hi resolution on acr 009.
also released on modern urban jazz, syncopathic, ...
check sc/hidden-paranoid-society and paranoidsociety.net

dubmonger dubmonger

from space, playing live, dubby analogue mixing desk style sessions, ambient and electronic experiments.
dubmonger did kangaroo refix for flatliners on acr 028. further, dread this land with lxc on 457 1v.
also released on his own dubmonger.com website project
check out sc/dubmonger

sub the untouchables

from brussels, producing & djing deep dark tribal 170bpm drum & bass music.
the untouchables did hungry belly on acr 028. further, dreader than land with lxc on 457 1v, war of kings on 457 2 and tread this land with morphy on 457 1.
also released on tribe12, convict, danger chamber, diablo, forecast.
check out sc/the-untouchables

sub sub

from innsbruck, producing and performing live jungle drum&bass and dub music. sub did instantaneous on acr 027. further, the big milking on 457 3.
also released on subtle audio, digilab, misspent, digibeat, break-fast, plain, ...
runs the his digital imprint syncopathic,
check out sc/sub

relapse relapse

from bristol, producing and djing ruff & tuff jungle, drumfunk and drum&bass.
relapse did parasitic oscillations with parallel on acr 025.
also released on scientific wax, pinecone moonshine and digibeat.
check sc/relapse, and sc/parallapse, his collaboration project with parallel

scale scale

from near mannheim, producing retro-future drum&bass jungle.
scale did secret sun on acr 025.
also released on darkland, looking forward to his own imprint dysfunk.
check sc/scale

acr024 bit depth

aka term and eric from east & west germoney, teaming up for twisted and playful drum&bass procuctions.
bit depth did stalk them on acr 024.
debuted for alphacut records.
check sc/er-ic and sc/term

morphy morphy

from glasgow, (retired) producer & liveact, produced & performed dubwise drum&bass, jungle and dubby tribal bass music.
morphy did suspension dub on acr 023, uptown special on acr 019 and dusty stylus on acr 017. further, tread this land with the untouchables onb 457 1.
also released on exit, temah, voodoo, function, nerve, ...
check sc/morphydubbed

dejaru dejaru

from turku, producing true & filthy drum&bass.
dejaru did black mask on acr 021.
also released on lightless.
check sc/dejaru

fanu fanu

from helsinki, producing, djing and performing live drumfunk drum&bass jungle slowfast and further experimental breakbeats.
fanu did rude bwoy remix for fanu on acr 020.
also released on offshore, subtitles, breakin, warm, 13music, therman, darkestral, make:shift, ...
check fanumusic.com and sc/fanu

cycom cycom

from hamburg, producing various drum&bass and jungle styles.
cycom did rude bwoy on acr 001, down the drain on acr 005 and rude bwoy 2010 on acr 020. released on lightless, transmute, counter intelligence, plain, santorin, ...
check cycom.plainaudio.com

muted muted

from reykjavik, producing and performing live minimal abstract drum&bass and downtempo music.
muted did passing by on acr 017.
also released on hidden hawaii, muted, ...
check sc/muted

b cloud b cloud

from minsk, producer, different styles of drum&bass, released on kosmos music. check sc/b-cloud

despot despot

from st petersburg, dj team, released on 31 & hospital. check sc/despot

cj weaver cj weaver

from washington dc, dj, released on absys and zardonic netlabels, check sc/cj-weaver

concept one concept one

from berlin, producer, whatever comes to his mind but heavy beats most of the time. check sc/jules-concept-one

mze mze

from leipzig, live, sometimes straight sometimes chopped up d&b plus a lick of fast idm, released on alphacut only, check sc/mze

unquote unquote

from st petersburg, dj, deep 2step and halfstep d&b sounds, released on hospital and 31. check sc/unquote

throttler throttler

from athens, live, dark & hard d&b, released on killing sheep, nasdia and no room for talent. check sc/throttler

randomer randomer

from london, live, filthy & experimental fatness, released on audio freaks, med school, soul jazz and tru thoughts.
check sc/randomer

mze line 47

from louisville, live, idm, dubstep, d&b and breakcore, released on ad noiseam, terminal dusk and sonicterror. check line47.com and sc/line47

buzz bop

from st petersburg, dj, minimal atmospheric d&b, released on med school, kos.mos & subtle audio. check iambop.com and sc/bop

nalpas mendelayev

from moscow, live, experimental d&b and idm, released on plainaudio, art-tek, acidsamovar and syncopathic. check sc/mendelayev

alpha omega alpha omega

from kildare, d&b breaks and all kinda house, released tons of stuff on labels like reinforced, thermal, outbreak, soothsayer and skunkrock. check sc/colinlindo

lxc lxc

from leipzig, producing and djing drum&bass, jungle, dub, idm and all kinda friendly noises.
lxc did lock in on acr 007 and stick em up with mze on acr 002.
also released on pinecone moonshine, modern urban jazz, syncopathic, bustle beats & subtle audio, offshore, santorin, sozialistischer plattenbau, death$ucker, alphacute, phantomnoise, plainaudio, minorlabel, dhyana, trash tapes, ...
check sc/lxc and lxc808.com

society suckers society suckers

from berlin, live, crazy mash of pogo trash rave breakcore opera, released lux nigra, mental ind, mash, peace off, amex, kool.pop and ohm52. check society-suckers.com

iaka iaka

from hamburg, appears dj, straight but leftfieldish d&b, released on plainaudio, dunkelbunt and sellout, located at hamburg (de), runs sc/iaka

nalpas nalpas

from paris, producer, experimental electronics and some jungle bits also, released on alphacut(e) only

hi-lar hi-lar

from darmstadt, producer, writes his very own "theoretical" d&b and dubstep tales, released on plainaudio, soulseekrecords and exegene, check ranprod.net

jakin boaz jakin boaz

from leipzig, producer, deep idm and twisted digital acid, released on spunky monkey, denke denke and trash tapes. check sc/jakin-boaz

bad matter bad matter

from berlin, dj, dark & baaad d&b, released on intransigent, hells bassment and plainaudio
part of audiomassive.de

buzz buzz

from frankfurt, live, deep but kicking jungle drum&bass, released on plainaudio, exegene and touchin down...

further releases which are no longer available, went digital only, discontinued or anyhow else forgotten... simply to make space on the left:

ov3r construct10n finals

ov3r construction - the final chapter

digital compilation, july 2015, 11 tunes and 1 medley, 1h23min

archive.org  package site & nfo

01  lowcut  therapist  trisector remix
02  sumone  rhythm mach.  ae rmx
03  abstract el.  av  martsman rmx
04  trisector  hollow  phuture-t rmx
05  phuture-t  amazon b.  fade rmx
06  hexer  the bomb  kodama remix
07  martsman  jumpfunk  ps remix
08  morphy  dusty stylus  fade rmx
09  morphy  d.st.  kjubi's cd version
10  hexer  the bomb  sub remix
11  dissident  swim.i.t.s.  muted rmx
12  lxc feat va  oc finals medley mix

this is the complete collection of all the ov3r construct10n remixes, featuring works by lowcut, trisector, sumone, abstract elements, martsman, phuture-t, fade, hexer, kodama, paranoid society, morphy, kjubi, sub, dissident and muted in full length and full quality with a kinda megamix medley by lxc on top. to the next 1000 years, enjoy the third wave soon!

acr028 dubmonger & the untouchables

catno acr 028, nov 2012, white 12", lim 200, blood orange spray-paint logo, 8 locked groove loops

a1  flatliners  kangaroo dub
      dubmonger refix
c1  the untouchables  hungry belly


acr027 sinistarr & sub

catno acr 027, sept 2012, white 12", lim 200, poison green spray-paint logo, 7 locked groove loops

a1  sinistarr  drama dub
c1  sub  instantaneous


acr026 lowcut, parallel & tim reaper

catno acr 026, jan 2012, white 12", lim 200, olive green spray-paint logo, 9 locked groove loops, 6e

a1  lowcut  therapist
c1  parallel & tim reaper  vega


acr024 bit depth & phuture-t

catno acr 024, july 2011, white 12", lim 200, pine spray-paint logo, 11 locked groove loops, 6e

a1  bit depth  stalk them
c1  phuture-t  amazon basin


acr023 morphy & phuture-t

catno acr 023, april 2011, white 12", lim 200, fjord-blue spray-paint logo, 10 locked groove loops

a1  morphy  suspension dub
c1  phuture-t  crown ether


acr019 trisector, creep & morphy 

catno acr 019, june 2010, black 12", lim 200, honey-melon spray-paint logo, 11 locked groove loops

a1  trisector & creep  hollow
c1  morphy  uptown special


acr017 va: half & half ep

catno acr 017, april 2010, black 12", milka spray-paint logo, lim 100, 12 locked groove loops

a1  morphy  dusty stylus
a2  despot  texture
c1  b cloud  predictor
                     c2  muted  passing by


acr016 dissident & paranoid society

catno acr 016, march 2010, black 12", turquoise spray-paint logo, lim 100, 14 locked groove loops

a1  dissident  swimming in the soup
c1  p.s.  swimming in the booze


acr015 concept one & cj weaver

catno acr 015, feb 2010, black 12", lind-green spray-paint logo, lim 100, 10 locked groove loops

a1  concept one  lyre bird
c1  cj weaver  i'm melting


acr014 martsman & paranoid society

catno acr 014, jan 2010, black 12", green fluorescent spray-paint logo, lim 100, 21 locked grooves

a1  martsman  periphereia
c1  paranoid society  crp thm


acr013 mze & unquote

catno acr 013, dec 2009, black 12", yellow fluorescent spray-paint logo, lim 100, 8 locked groove loops

a1  mze  taorrizm
c1  unquote  ugly face of war


acr012 macc, martsman & reactiv

catno acr 012, nov 2009, black 12", orange fluorescent spray-paint logo, lim 100, 12 locked groove loops

a1  macc  boomer  martsman remix
c1  reactiv  asylum


acr011 throttler & snaper

catno acr 011, oct 2009, black 12", red fluorescent spray-paint logo, lim 100, 11 locked groove loops

a1  throttler  feedback
c1  snaper  it's not many


acr010 very various artists

catno acr 010, sept 2010, orange 12", custom die-cut 2color silk-screen kraftboard cover, lim 333 copies, incl 111 locked groove loops

a  randomer  seeing angles
b  very verious artists  111 loops

this very special tenth alphacut is a release which wants to say thank you to everyone who came across during the last 10 years, may it have been as friend, producer, affiliate, supporter or influence.
it comes down with an unique drum&bass statement a side tune by randomer, while the other face is housing a truely huge compilation of 111 loops, to continue the locked groove idea of alphacut.
each tune is done by another act, which creates a hall of fame of experimental breakbeats, a large field of different electronic sounds and tools, clicks, noise and pure ambiences by the likes of melt banana, fff, paradox, the panacea, the dj producer, chevron, dev/null, dj trax, dj hidden, society suckers, lfo demon, sileni, 0=0, amboss, martsman, droon, murderbot, retrigger, hans platzgumer, hey-o-hansen, throttler, x&trick and literally many many more!

acr002 mze, lxc, hi-lar & hp.stonji

catno acr 002, 2004, white 12", lim 500, 8 locked groove loops

a1  mze vs lxc  stick em up
b1  hi-lar  prod 055
b2  hp.stonji  reej

acr001 cycom, buzz & jakin boaz

catno acr 001, jan 2003, white 12", lim 500, transparent repress lim 30

a1  cycom  rude bwoy
b1  buzz  powerplant
b2  lxc  eko  jakin boaz rmx

acav paranoid society

catno aca v, aug 2014, dark gold marbled 12", chrome labels

a1  paranoid society  tentacle groove
a2  paranoid society  mssm
a3  paranoid society  beta
aa1  paranoid society  file84_2
                     aa2  paranoid society  drop 3

acaiv elemental

catno aca iv, aug 2014, dark green marbled 12", chrome labels

a1  elemental  in still
a2  elemental  pathways
aa1  elemental  zero point energy
aa2  elemental  scant

acaiii sub

catno aca iii, jan 2013, dark yellow marbled 12", chrome labels

a1  sub  alpha
a2  sub  history
aa1  sub  deeper
aa2  sub  hades


acaii koto

catno aca ii, jan 2013, dark blue marbled 12", chrome labels

a1  koto  filmscape
a2  koto  motions
aa1  koto  emersion
aa2  koto  endgame


acai felix k

catno aca i, jan 2013, dark red marbled 12", chrome labels

a1  felix k  escapism part 1
a2  felix k  escapism part 2
aa1  felix k  scapes part 1
aa2  felix k  scapes part 2
                     aa3  felix k  scapes part 3